Thursday, 9 June 2011

Exercise: A visual diary

In this exercise I have been asked to explore "visual language" the idea is to document the world around me and find things that interest me. This can be anything from photography, design, craft, hobbies, etc.

The first area I am going to explore is to google graphic design and see what images stand out to me.

These are the first few images that interest me, not sure why yet.

I am going to look at this exercise as a work in progress, I'll actively research images but at the same time continue with the other exercises. Hopefully this way it will make me more aware of looking out for stuff all of the time, thus making me more aware of design around me.

Another area I thought I would look at is cover artwork for albums, I listen to a lot of music and it's something that is very important to me, so I think this could be a good resource.

There seems a bit of a theme emerging of black backgrounds, I think I like the fact that it is a simple way of being striking, if that makes sense? Probably why I used it in my book cover designs.
I like the quirkiness of the "Them Crooked Vultures" album and the contrast of the B&W image on the red background, also the typeface appeals to me.

The "U2" album I think is probably down to the use of photography, and maybe because its one of my favourite albums of all time!

I have researched other album art designers that I like, below is a selection that standout to me.

Storm Thorgerson


I have gathered together some research into typography, starting with the area of comics and graphic novels I found a web site that creates and sells typefaces for comics. I have taken a few screen shots to show the different styles.

These are sound FX fonts

These are dialogue fonts

these are design fonts

There is quite a large selection of typefaces here, some look familier, I particularly like the sound fx faces. I have scanned a few pages from some graphic novells that I have to show this sort of typeface in use.

I am also going to include a selection of movie posters both for the typeface content and the overall designs. As a movie lover I have always found movie posters exciting, I like the way they sometimes just tease you with brief images and words, and other times its a full on barrage.

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